WP4 – Recognition of talented children

The WP4 will concern the Recognition of talented children and will consist of two main activities, that are the TALENT Training modules and Pilot and the TALENT recommendations. The TALENT Training modules and Pilot will be one of the core moments of the Project. It will concern the preparation, development, and implementation of educational and training modules and tools. The target group will be represented by school teachers and coaches from the STEM field. The information retrieved from the first and the second activity will be used to prepare the contents for the training phase.

T4.1 - Development of the training materials

For designing the training materials for the pilot course, the Desk Analysis and Best Practices report and the standards for talented kids will be used, defining 4 selected topics/courses which should provide 5 hours of lecture per course, for a total of 30 hours of pilot. All the partners should approve the training materials, after an internal peerreviewing process.

T4.2 - Training course

The TALENT Training Courses will be a pilot course made up of 6 hours, available for schoolteachers with the aim of recognizing and supporting the talented kids. All the Partners will implement the Training Courses in their countries. The training course will represent a new way to do education, since it takes care of the specific needs of the talented kid. In addition to these 4 courses, 20 hours of online teaching will be developed in close cooperation with schoolteachers available from E-STOP platform. This way of education is currently in use during COVID-19 crisis and it clear that creative thinking approach is missing.

T4.3 - Recommendations for social inclusion of talented kids

This activity will produce four different recommendations, for increasing the awareness from the stakeholders’ side. The following recommendations will be produced: recommendation for teachers, to support the development of talented students; recommendation for parents of talented students, to support their children's talents; recommendations for sports clubs, to support the dual career development of talented students; recommendation for decision makers as founders of educational institutions for the purpose of developing their institutions that support the development of dual careers of talented athletes.