WP3 – E-STOP Platform

In the WP3 – TALENT Cloud development, a Cloud for the Project material will be created. The cloud will be available to children, teachers, coaches and parents who are interested in the topic. It will contain practical information about how to recognize talent, to support children, to prevent their drop-out, and to help them in maintaining this double-status within the future, by starting a dual-career program.

T3.1 - Online Platform Development

Outsourcing IT programmers would design the platform and get it up and running. Project administrators from all 7 partners would be responsible for feeding the information on the website and in the dual carrier section. Researchers from (CI-SDŽ; FSFV, SMOC, UNIPA) would be responsible for feeding data in gifted children methodology section.

T3.2 - Test of the methodology

Responsible researchers from CI-SDŽ, FSFV, SMOC, UNIPA, will conduct training for data collection and use a talent personal section of Online Platform.

T3.3 - Promotional activities

The best and most cost-effective promotional activity for Online Platform is the use of social networks. Each partner on the project can use their own website, Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram where available to promote the Online Platform and make sure that it reaches as many end users as possible.