WP2 – Standards for the recognition of talented children

The WP2 – Identification of standards for talented children will consists of two main activities, namely Desk Analysis and Best Practices across the Partners’ countries and Identification of the standards for talented kids.  The second activity, Identification of the standards for talented kids, foresees two focus group interviews, of which one will be conducted with school teachers and the other one with people from sport organizations, to gain information about how they identify talented kids.

T2.1 - Desk Analysis and Best Practice – Data Collection

The desk analysis and best practice phase will summarize the existent policies across European countries on dual career programs and the best practices adopted by sport institution. It will be an e-document made up of a section per each country, and it will be written only in English. Through a desk analysis activity, all the Partners will detect policies about the beginning of a dual-career program and its integration within the school environment. Moreover, the Partners will collect information about policies preventing the school and the sport drop-out.

T2.2 - Identification of standards for the teacher – Focus Group

Partners are required to collect information about how teachers and coaches identify talented children and what they usually do to support and encourage them. The interviews will be conducted through the focus group methodology that has the main advantage to take information directly from people who are expert in the field by developing a dynamic discussion. It will also allow collecting much more information compared to the single faceto- face interview. Each focus group will last 1 hour and will involve 20 of participants, for a total of 10 of interviewed teachers and 10 of interviewed coaches per project country in total 140 participants.