WP1 – Management and Quality Assurance

The WP1 – Management will regard all the activities aimed to ensure sound and quality implementation of the project, intellectual property rights and reporting. Management will commence at the start of the project and end when the project finishes, running for 30 months of TALENT. The management comprises of the establishment of a result driven management team.

T1.1 - Preparation Phase

In order to ensure the best possible results applicable for each partner, good communication will be established. It is important to note that already in the preparation phase there was a very good communication among the consortium, and a number of mutual meetings which have assisted in establishing good professional and working environment. The coordinator has ensured that all the partners have been involved in the project application from the very preparation phase. Last but not the least important is establishing good internal procedures so as to ensure time and cost efficient implementation of the project and to distribute the necessary documentation to other partners in the consortium.

T1.2 - Monitoring and Evaluation of the outcomes

Believing that the project implementation will not run into difficulties is not a part of a good and responsible project management. Therefore, a contingency plan will be developed, in order to predict possible difficulties and how they can be avoided. Risk Management System, conceived as the system handling the potential risks and conflicts within the project. It has the aim to minimize these potential risks and to provide possible solutions for conflicts. This can be achieved only by establishing a contingency plan from the beginning of the project. The contingency plan will be developed with the contribution of each partner from the consortium.