„Discover your TALENT” event held in Spli

„Discover your TALENT” event was held on November 2nd 2023 as a part of the ENTER conference organized by the Center of Excellence of Split-Dalmatia County in Split, Croatia. The main activity was led by Dražen Čular, PhD, Full Professor and Zoran Grgantov, PhD, Full Professor (Tenure), both members of TALENT project Consortium on the behalf of Center of Excellence of Split-Dalmatia County. The main aim of this event was to present the TALENT project to the wider audience and experts from various fields and to raise awareness on key topics regarding talent development process.

The whole ENTER conference aimed to gather experts on talent recognition and development, it being a main subtopic of this yeas event. „Discover your TALENT” event was a peak of discussions and formed valuable directions for future project steps.

The event was attended by over 50 participants. Presentation stressed out the necessity for the development of talent recognition and development system and focused on TALENT project aims and its key activities. After the presentation, a discussion on various perspectives on talent identification was conducted with participants. Discussion pointed out the necessity for the better synergy between educational and sport system as well as earlier detection of talents in various areas, besides sports