The partners in the TALENT project have successfully completed their first task within the project activities. After completing the individual national reports, the Final report on Desk Analysis and best practices was consolidated. The desk analysis and best practice phase summarized the existent policies across European countries on dual career programs and the best practices adopted by sport institutions. It is an e-document made up of a section per each country. Through a desk analysis activity, all the Partners detected policies about the beginning of a dual-career program and its integration within the school environment. Moreover, the partners collected information about policies preventing the school and the sport drop-out. Data collection was conducted through the following activities: Data search on the Internet (partners conducted desk research looking through the available information on the Internet, about the national policies regarding the dual-career at the beginning level), Contacting sport institutions for obtaining more information (after the screening of the Internet, partners contacted sport institutions for obtaining more information about the policies), Contacting the sport institutions for collecting the best practices for facilitating the beginning of dual career program and preventing early drop-outs, Contacting the national bodies that influenced sport and education (Ministry of Education; Ministry of Sport and Youth; National Olympic Committee) to collect all rules and recommendations related to the dual career of athletes. This document will serve as a proof of best practice for the upcoming task of conducting Focus Groups in each of the partner countries.