Focus groups within Talent project were conducted as an activity of Work Package 2. The main aim of focus groups was to identify standards for talented children. In order to do so, Centre of Excellence of Split-Dalmatia County conducted two focus groups on June 14th 2023. Focus groups were conducted in the meeting room of CroSportTalent Lab in Split, Croatia. First focus group sample was consisted of 13 teachers and educators. Ten participants work in primary school (with children age 7 to 14), two work with high school children (15-18) and one is at the university (18-19). Four of the participants lead and/or participate in the work of Center of Excellence for various STEM subjects (mathematics, IT, physics, biology). Focus group lasted approx. 60 minutes and all participants got a chance to share their insight on given topics. Second focus group sample consisted of 13 sport coaches from various individual and team sports. Most coaches work with either only boys or only girls in their clubs. All coaches have more than five years of experience with the kids age 6 to 18. Focus group lasted approx. 75 minutes and all
participants got a chance to share their insight on given topics. Both teacher and coaches agreed that Croatia lacks a unique system and criteria for identification and development of talents in all areas. Both target groups agreed there should be much more understanding and cooperation between educational system and sport clubs as well as within education systems between different areas of expertise. Coaches pointed out the problem of financing system which values good results in youth competitions which makes it harder to focus on talent development process. Also, they pointed out lack of infrastructure and human resources (sport halls, experts, coaches). Teachers pointed out problems within the system in which a specific school talent is not valued by other teachers (from different subjects) and talented kids need to prove themselves in all fields. Also, the problem is a decrease in general abilities and competences of students where it is hard to determine whether is motivated student really talented or just a standard because a lack of comparison within the group.