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E - STOP Talent Online Platform

We are proud to introduce our latest innovation in the world of sports: a cloud-based platform for the detection and dual career support of sporting talent. Our platform leverages the latest advancements to provide a comprehensive solution for identifying and nurturing young sporting talent.

We understand the importance of providing support to up-and-coming athletes. Whether you are a coach, parent, or simply someone who cares about the future of sports, our platform is designed to help you make the most of your expectation

TALENT Project aim

TALENT Project aim is to promote equal education, preventing exclusion, supporting Dual Careers, creating new pattern of behavior for the benefit of young talented children’s and preparation for Long Life learning and professional sport from childhood .

To achieve our aim, we will:

e-stop talent

E - STOP Talent Online Platform

Our cloud-based platform offers a wide range of features, including:

Advanced Talent Detection

We analyse performance data and identify key indicators of talents in sport. This means you can be confident that you are investing in the right athletes, and that you are making the most of their potential.

Cloud-Based Analytics

Cloud-Based Analytics: Our platform provides real-time access to performance data and analytics, so you can track the progress of your athletes and make informed decisions about their future.

Collaboration Tools

Our platform also includes tools for collaboration and communication between coaches, athletes, and other stakeholders. This means that everyone involved in supporting young talent can work together more effectively, and make the most of the resources available.

Dual Career Support

Spread knowledge among teachers and trainers : from one side, it focuses on the recognition of talented youth; from the other side, it supports the students from the other side, it supports the students who have already started the dual-career maintain it and avoid dropping out from one of the two careers.